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剧情介绍:  Future of Food In the past year, we have seen food riots on three continents, food inflation has rocketed and experts predict that by 2050, if things don't change, we will see mass starvation across the world. This film sees George Alagiah travel the world in search of solutions to the growing global food crisis. From the two women working to make their Yorkshire market town self-sufficient to the academic who claims it could be better for the environment to ship in lamb from New Zealand, George Alagiah meets the people who believe they know how we should feed the world as demand doubles by the middle of the century.  【India】  George joins a Masai chief among the skeletons of hundreds of cattle he has lost to climate change and the English farmer who tells him why food production in the UK is also hit. He spends a day eating with a family in Cuba to find out how a future oil shock could lead to dramatic adjustments to diets. He visits the breadbasket of India to meet the farmer who now struggles to irrigate his land as water tables drop, and finds out why obesity is spiralling out of control in Mexico.  Back in Britain, George investigates what is wrong with people's diets, and discovers that the UK imports an average of 3000 litres of water per capita every day. He talks to top nutritionist Susan Jebb, DEFRA minister Hilary Benn and Nobel laureate Rajendra Pachauri to uncover what the future holds for our food.  【Senegal】  George heads out to India to discover how a changing diet in the developing world is putting pressure on the world's limited food resources. He finds out how using crops to produce fuel is impacting on food supplies across the continents. George then meets a farmer in Kent, who is struggling to sell his fruit at a profit, and a British farmer in Kenya who is shipping out tonnes of vegetables for our supermarket shelves. He also examines why so many people are still dying of hunger after decades of food aid.  Back in the UK, George challenges the decision-makers with the facts he has uncovered - from Oxfam head of research Duncan Green to Sainsbury's boss Justin King. He finds out why British beef may offer a model for future meat production and how our appetite for fish is stripping the world's seas bare.  【Cuba】  In the final episode George Alagiah heads out to Havana to find out how they are growing half of their fruit and vegetables right in the heart of the city, investigates the 'land-grabs' trend - where rich countries lease or buy up the land used by poor farmers in Africa - and meets the Indian agriculturalists who have almost trebled their yields over the course of a decade.  George finds out how we in this country are using cutting-edge science to extend the seasons recycle our food waste and even grow lettuce in fish tanks to guarantee the food on our plates.  He hears the arguments about genetically modified food and examines even more futuristic schemes to get the food on to our plates.
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剧情介绍:级别:15岁以上可以观看 制作:韩国Plen Pictures影业/韩国Boston影业 上映日期:2005年12月1日(韩国) 官方网站:http://www.6diary.co.kr 剧情简介 重案组资深女刑警秋子英(申恩庆饰)和梦想能够“7点准时下班”的新生代刑警金东旭(文正赫饰)是这部电影的男女主角,两人联手缉拿连环杀人犯。 秋子英和金东旭一开始是巡警队里尽人皆知的天敌。在暴雨倾盆的天桥上,身穿校服的中学生死于刀下。过了两天,死者的同班同学又坠楼身亡。看似不相干的两个事件却有一个共同点,连续杀人事件的唯一的线索就是“6月的日记”。天生拥有超人直觉的秋子英在这宗连环杀人案最初被判定为自杀时推断出他杀的种种线索,而金东旭通过法医了解到了尸体内的秘密。法医在死者的体内找到一个胶囊,胶囊里面塞了一张纸条,纸条里竟是凶手写下的日记和他下次行凶的时间。 秋子英和金东旭来到死者学校调查,偶然遇到了以前的朋友润姬,并通过她找到了有着决定意义的线索。这时秋子英的侄子遭到了绑架…… 演员阵容 以电影《我的老婆是大佬》系列走红亚洲影坛的韩国女星申恩庆,在结婚生子蛰伏近两年后,还是戏瘾未除。2003年9月跟所属经纪公司的老板风光结婚的她,过了两年相夫教子的平静生活后,终于复出拍片。申恩庆的老公是娱乐公司 palyer entertainment的老板金政秀。韩国明星李秉宪、李政宰和金敏喜等都是player entertainment的签约艺人。申恩庆此次出演的片酬也不便宜,依然保持3亿韩元的水准。她在电影里的搭档文政赫以组合神话队长文正赫(Eric)的身份在演艺界活动了7年。而金允珍则是在好莱坞都享有声誉的女明星。 神话成员文正赫(Eric)在韩国京畿道首尔综合片场举行的记者会上透露,首次拍电影的他曾经信心不足。拍戏以来神话其它成员都没给他任何意见。Eric表示,当他问组合中首先拍戏的金东万有什么演戏心得,但金东万却告诉他没有心得可言,要靠自己去体会琢磨。虽然有了韩剧《新进职员》的演出经验,但他还有要感激申恩庆的帮助。她不但是一位很好的前辈,而且对他非常照顾,就像他的姐姐一样,令他很感动。在他眼里,申恩庆是一位非常出色的演员,自己要好好向她学习演技。 31岁的韩国女星金允珍因出演ABC的热门剧集,成功捧走今年艾美奖最佳戏剧类剧集的电视剧《迷失》,一跃成为美国最受欢迎的亚裔女星之一,未来的演艺之路被业内人士一致看好。10岁即和父母移民美国的金允珍在纽约度过了自己的花季,她曾就读于纽约艺术高中,并在波士顿大学主修戏剧表演,此后,她还曾远赴英国戏剧学院深造。虽然金允珍的从艺之路始于西方,但她在亚洲同样大受欢迎。外界曾评论,金允珍之于韩国娱乐圈就像朱丽娅-罗伯茨之于美国好莱坞。如果说6年前金允珍凭借《生死谍变》走红韩国,那么今年的《迷失》又为她在美国赢得了广大人气。 影片简评 本片被喻为继《杀人的回忆》、《血之泪》之后又一成功的悬疑惊悚片。《六月的日记》将连环杀人事件的案发现场设置在学校、电脑房、人行过街天桥、 电梯、医院等日常空间。通过2年多的精心制作,《六月的日记》开头的确令人毛骨悚然。虽然该片以“文正赫主演的处女作”当作宣传重点,但导演林景洙却另有所谋。林景洙不仅提出了部分学生在学校中遭到孤立的社会问题,更分析出其深层原因在于“漠不关心”,令观众产生了共鸣。遗憾的是在这一主题下,电影剧情却显得有些力不从心。虽然申恩庆和文正赫很尽力,但未能充分表现出“前辈女刑警—后辈男刑警”搭档的魅力。金允珍饰演在学校中遭到孤立的学生之母,她的精彩表演相当出彩,令人暂时忘却了《六月的日记》中大部分的弱点。另外本片的电影配乐也相当出色,营造出一种诡异另类的听觉享受。